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For whom? For me!

6. January, 2021

A Pony can be ridden by just about anyone! A swift and short ride through situations, personalities and lifestyle of different generations is all it takes to convince you.

Pony is doing a great job amidst the city jam, connecting a few shorter or longer distances, in very crowded or slightly less crowded places as well in nature.

PONY 07 200x300 For whom? For me!

Business people

Tucked neatly in the car trunk, Pony is always ready to save the day and transport its owner to the desired destination. With its magnetic attraction, Pony delights new generations of businesspeople for the selection of pony bicycle is, among other things, a question of prestige in style and insistence on practicality.

pony classic 300x225 For whom? For me!


The “harmless” and “tame” look of a Pony cannot fool all the young, dynamic and untamed people looking for adventures. The same specification of each model emanates with though stubbornness combined with high quality materials, sophisticated details and top constructions. Whether it is uphill or downhill, a modern road or a bicycle trail is, Pony is up to any challenge. At the same time, it looks good with everyone!

 11230243 1844070225909688 5550038448191642828 o 300x202 For whom? For me!


Tourists are mainly going to be delighted with versatility, convenience and adaptability of Pony bikes. Behind its elegant looks and unisex image, lies the hidden endurance of the bike (at assembly, internal gears are slightly more difficult to fold). It is stylish, attractive, with sophisticated ergonomics and made from top quality materials. Everyone feels safe in it, regardless of age and biking skills, and roaming the demanding tourist routs in the back of this enchanter becomes a top experience.


%name For whom? For me!