The legend returns!

We present you a new generation of Pony bikes.



Pony Classic


Pony Marine


Fully foldable bike


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Stainless Inox Chain

All Pony bikes are equipped with stainless steel chains which ensure durability and resistance.

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Extremely comfortable seat

Extremely comfortable seat Selle San Remo on the new Pony will make sure your ride is always a pleasure.

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Stainless steel Spokes

Strong spokes which combine attractive shiny design with simple and low maintenance.

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Foldable Aluminium Frame

A foldable frame which is ideal for riding around the city and easy to store in small spaces.

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LED Lights

Make yourself visible and stay safe in all traffic conditions with electric LED lights.

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Internal Gears

Reliability ensured by an internal gear hub agrees perfectly with Pony’s endurance.

Customer feedback

Attracta B, Ireland

Attracta B, Ireland

Ok, to begin with.... a big thank you, my Pony bike arrived in just over a week.
On reflection, I am really impressed with how smoothly the whole process went... Ordering, delivery and best of all how easy it was to start cycling straight away.
My Pony bike is so much fun to cycle and so well thought out and made, I am still discovering all its attributes! I love him!
I decided for Pony Classic 5 model in brown colour and it looks great.
However my Pony is making me work a little harder on the hills here in Cork, but I suppose that is a positive in some way!
It is getting lots of admirers asking me where I got it from. No wonder, this folding bike is a real beauty.

Marie-Louise M., Sweden

Marie-Louise M., Sweden

It was LOVE at first sight ❤️ Pony means freedom, wind in the hair and a big smile. Outstanding quality and looks, the best mini bike on the market.

Marija K., Croatia

Marija K., Croatia

I absolutely love the new Pony! As soon as I laid my eyes on the new Pony bikes, a wonderful feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me. Now that it’s warm outside I love to ride it around and I am amazed by the quality of manufacture.
I like how they kept the nostalgic retro image and updated it with modern materials and technologies. Pony is most definitely my ultimate mean of transport when I go out for a coffee with my friend in the city centre, but it’s also great at home in the ‘suburbs’ (laughter).

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