Sport Racer

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Slika kolesa s sedežem Brooks je simbolična. Tip sedeža na Pony kolesu Sport S oziroma Classic 5 je Selle San Remo Vienna


Ride a bike which intertwines traditional elements and modern design and thus represents one of the most attractive city bikes currently on the market.

Shimano and Sturmey Archer gear

Superior gear which provides for an exhilarating experience of city cycling.

Pony Sport Racer

The Pony Sport Racer is a special Pony with one gear and two V-brakes. Designed and homologated for the fearless #gonipony mountain speed races, you can also drive it elegantly through the city streets. The black and white combination gives the Pony a special seductive note and is a true companion for all lovers of retro style.

Revamped race bike

Performance characteristics that outshine many bigger rivals are masked with elegant design. Also, your Pony will get envious stares by all the drivers stuck in congestions.

Sport elegance

Pony Sport combines superior performance characteristics and classical design. You will turn envy heads for your fast urban cycling as well as for its elegant design.

Stay visible in all conditions

Safety reflectors and two electric LED lights will make sure that cycling is safe even in night-time, while the attractive design of the new Pony will definitely turn heads when you ride around.

Space is not an issue

The foldable frame of the new Pony makes it easy to store. When you do not need it, the bike can be stored in a closet, boot of a car or in a garage where it can wait for new adventures.

* Images are symbolic. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Frame: Al6061, foldable frame
  • Fork: Al6061, profiled with lugs for V brakes, 1 1/8
  • Headset: Neco H112N, semi-integrated threaded 1 1/8
  • Bottom bracket: Thun, 68mm BSA integrated, square-tapered axle
  • Crank: Prowheel 170 mm
  • Stem: Al6061, Ø25,4 mm x 300 mm
  • Handlebars: Al6061, width 660 mm, height 200 mm
  • Brake levers: Promax
  • Brakes : Promax TX-121
  • Bowden cables: Jagwire
  • Saddle : Selle San Remo Mosel
  • Seat post: Al6061, Ø33,9 mm x 400 mm
  • Front hub: Alloy hub
  • Rear hub: Shimano CB-110
  • Rims : Gipiemme Nepal
  • Tyres: Continental
  • Chain : KMC, 1/2- 1/8
  • Pedals: Alu body, non-slip black, 9/16" Marvi
  • Lights: Battery LED lights
  • Mudguards: Eurofender DUO
  • Stand: Ursus 71
  • Weight: 13 kg (average weight of an assembled bike)


Presentation of the new Pony.


The foldable frame, which is a signature feature of the Pony bikes, allows for easy storing and transporting the bike even in the tightest circumstances. And when you are ready to ride, you can assemble it back together in a couple of seconds.


All our bikes are equipped with battery LED lights. This way you can stay visible also at night. The LED lights are energetically efficient and have a long lifespan so no need to worry about that.

Frequently asked questions

Can I assemble the bike on my own if I order it online?

Of course! If you order it online the bike is easy to assemble and does not require advanced technical knowledge. Instructions for assembling the bike come in the form of a manual together with the bike.

Although the assembling process is not difficult we recommend visiting an approved Rog repair shop or other adequately qualified expert since the manufacturer Turna d.o.o. shall not be responsible for any injury or damage occurring as a result of an inadequately assembled bike.

What is the price justification?

All the bike components are of high quality and ensure an extremely long lifespan if maintained properly. The bikes are entirely made in Slovenia and meet all the strictest ISO international quality standards. All the bike components are made by the most renowned world manufacturers of biking gear, such as Shimano, Sturmey Archer, Brooks England, Biologic, Knog, Schwalbe, etc.

What are the differences between the bikes?

Based on the geometry of the frame the bikes are divided into Sport and Classic models. The Classic bikes have an integrated rear rack while the Sport models do not.

Bikes are also differentiated according to the number of gears and additional equipment, and the quality of the bike components is proportional to the price range of the bike. You can check out the detailed specifications of a particular model under the description of a specific bike on