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Rog Opens Bicycle Showroom in BTC City Ljubljana

26. April, 2017

Exactly five months after the first presentation and the beginning of pre-sales of the legendary Pony bicycles, Rog opened a special showroom in Hall A of the BTC City shopping centre in Ljubljana, where some of the Slovenian celebrities received their stunning bicycles.


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(PHOTO: Nik Jevšnik).

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The showroom is a place, where visitors will be able to view, test and buy bicycles of serial production and also unique limited edition bicycles, and other products from the Rog product range. Later, the showroom will also offer technical assistance. Opening of the Rog showroom represents the beginning of sales of the Pony bicycles, the modern and attractive bikes with even more refined ergonomics and top quality materials. You can choose from 28 bike versions with a fixed gear ratio, three or five gears, as well as many different colour combinations.


At the opening, limited edition Pony bicycles were given to some well-known Slovenians, including Ciril Komotar, better known under his blogger name of Komotar Minuta, Tjaša Kokalj Jerala and Peter Poles, who were very excited to take a ride around the showroom and test how easily their new aluminium stud can be folded. The bicycles can be adapted to users with various body builds, even children, since even the hand brakes can be adjusted to suit everyone.


“The opening of the showroom is a new milestone in the story of the modern Pony bicycles, which are currently in great demand. We are noticing an increase in orders. Until now, bicycle enthusiasts could only admire the Pony bicycles on our website, but from now on, they will be able to do it at the BTC City, where they can also test them and make sure of their quality. The bikes are a product of Slovenian knowledge and research. In the following days they will definitely be seen on the Slovenian streets, since we have already started the production and delivered the first bicycles to their new owners. I would like to thank everyone who has helped us set up the new showroom, where we plan to organise many interesting events. A special thank you goes to Gorenje and BTC – the owners of the GOR Kolesa,” said the company director Rok Lesjak.


More information about the bicycles, including their technical specifications and colours, are available at www.rogbikes.com, while Rog would like to invite anyone interested to come and see the bicycles in person any workday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Hall A at BTC City where the friendly staff will be happy to give you more information.